Delivering a premium service experience has been The Daniel Burrett Team’s primary focus since commencing their real estate journey. Daniel created a Team to ensure that they maintained a high standard for Sellers, Buyers and the community so that people can profit from their knowledge, experience and expertise.

Daniel works intimately with Sellers, providing consistent and constant communication, offering support and advice 24 hours, 7 days. There are always 2 people at open houses and Daniel attends every one personally and carries out subsequent negotiation, to ensure firsthand feedback and a singular point of contact for clients.

James brings back the ‘old fashioned service’ for Buyers. He monitors the market against your criteria assisting you to find your dream home to live in or invest. His infectious, joyful personality provides a relaxed experience when purchasing, whilst untangling the buying process to ensure that your next move is made with a trusted adviser by your side.

With a strong background in Marketing & Technology, Emma ensures maximum exposure with your property campaign. She keeps the wheels turning, flawlessly covering all the intricacies of the buying & selling process within the team.

For knowledge, professional advice and premium service you can rely on the expertise of The Daniel Burrett Team.