Tenant Forms

Application for Residential Tenancy
Please complete this form to apply to rent a residential property and submit to our office along with supporting documentation for processing

Change of Shared Tenancy Request
Please complete this form if you wish to alter the tenants residing in the property (if someone is vacating, additional tenant wishes to move in, etc). Please note all new tenants are also required to complete an Application for Residential Tenancy. This is a request only. Once the alteration has been approved by the property owner, other documentation will be required to be signed by all parties.

Smoke Alarms Fact Sheet
Tenant responsibilities and obligations pertaining to smoke alarms

Tenant Maintenance Request Form
Please complete this form to request repairs to the property

Emergency Repair Advice Form
Please complete this form to request emergency repairs to the property

Tenant Incident Report
Please complete this form when an incident has occurred at the property

Rent Arrears Management Procedure
This form is to be completed by tenants to understand the arrears procedure

Trouble Shooting Guide
Trouble Shooting Guide pertaining to appliances within your rental property

Final Inspection Guide
This is your bond saver! Use this guide to assist you with requirements for cleaning and your general obligations when vacating a property

RTA Forms

RTA General Tenancy Agreement
form 18a

RTA Pocket Guide For Tenants
form 17a

RTA Dispute Resolution Request
form 16

RTA Exit Condition Report
form 14a

RTA Notice Of Intention To Leave
form 13

RTA Change Of Shared Bond Arrangement
form 6

RTA Refund Of Rental Bond
form 4

RTA Bond Transfer
form 3

RTA Bond Lodgement
form 2

RTA Entry Condition Report
form 1a

RTA Fact Sheet – Abandoned Premises
RTA Fact Sheet – Allowing Time When Serving Notices
RTA Fact Sheet – Continuing Fixed Term Tenancy
RTA Fact Sheet – Dispute Resolution Services
RTA Fact Sheet – Domestic Violence Information For Tenants
RTA Fact Sheet – Ending A Tenancy Agreement
RTA Fact Sheet – Entry and Privacy
RTA Fact Sheet – Goods And Documents Left Behind
RTA Fact Sheet – Guide To Conciliation Conferences
RTA Fact Sheet – Guide To RTA Investigations
RTA Fact Sheet – Handling Tenancy Disputes In The Tribunal
RTA Fact Sheet – Important Renting Information For Natural Disaster Victims
RTA Fact Sheet – Rental Bond
RTA Fact Sheet – Rental Premises Use Condition Repairs
RTA Fact Sheet – Renting In Queensland
RTA Fact Sheet – Rent Payments And Holding Deposits
RTA Fact Sheet – Water Charging