June 22, 2021

5 Things Buyers Will Pay More For

From energy-efficient appliances to outdoor decks and dedicated home offices, there are lots of things that buyers are currently looking for – and willing to often pay above market price for.

Here’s what you need to know about increasing the value of your property.

1. Energy efficiency and sustainability

Environmentalism, patronising eco-friendly businesses and buying sustainable products are all top-of-mind for many people. The green wave is well and truly here, and its importance carries over into home buyers’ decision-making.

For millennials, in particular, they want to know the home they are spending so much money on will pay them back in efficiency and sustainability. Whether that’s energy-efficient appliances, triple-glazed windows, low-cost heating and cooling systems or otherwise, they will factor in a home’s efficiency when deciding whether or not to make an offer.

2. Somewhere to relax and entertain outdoors

Who doesn’t love relaxing in the outdoors? When you can do it in your own private space at home, it just makes it that much better.

Buyers want to take advantage of entertainment spaces inside and outside of their home, which is why outdoor decks are such an attractive feature right now. Equally enticing is plenty of backyard space for the kids, pets and summer barbecues with friends.

And families looking to buy their next home tend to prefer functional outdoor space and entertainment areas.

3. Central air conditioning and heating

Despite being a Queensland city through and through, residents are used to enduring blisteringly chilly Toowoomba winters. We also aren’t slouches when it comes to sweltering summers!

Buyers want to know they will be comfortable in their new home from the moment they step inside – and they don’t want to have to fork out thousands of dollars to install or upgrade the heating and cooling systems. Making sure your central units will keep everyone warm in winter and cool in summer could be the difference between a pass and a sale.

4. Smart home features

We’re living in the digital age, and home buyers want their house to reflect the technological boom – again, particularly millennial buyers.

There are lots of different ways you can make your home’s fixtures smarter, from automated lighting and heating systems to garage doors and gates that recognise your vehicle as you approach. The best part is that as smart technologies become more prevalent, their prices drop. So while it may not cost too much to install in your home, the value it can add when potential buyers are inspecting could be priceless.

5. Dedicated workspace

Pre-coronavirus may not have been as important to buyers, but for many, it’s now top of the list. The reason? So many Australians are now either working remotely or in a hybrid home/office style because of the effect of the pandemic.

That means they are looking for a space to call their office – somewhere secluded and shut off from the rest of the house where they can get their work done in peace. This could be a study nook, a spare bedroom turned into a study, or a granny flat out in the backyard for complete office isolation. Whatever the space, having a ‘home office’ could be a unique – and very attractive – selling point in the post-COVID era.

Want to get the best price for your home?

These are just a few ways to add value to your home before putting it on the market. Getting expert advice from an agent who knows exactly what buyers want can put you in the best possible position when it comes time to sell, so contact an experienced local agent today.

Article by Trevor Manteufel

With 19 years experience in selling real estate in Toowoomba & surrounding areas, Trevor is relaxed, approachable & confident, whilst providing you a high level of service, listens to your needs and makes selling your home a positive, and … View profile

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