September 1, 2020
Trevor Manteufel

Subdividing Your Land In Toowoomba

Daydreaming of subdividing your block of land to make a tidy profit? Take a look at our handy beginner’s guide to find out everything you need to know. If you...

July 14, 2020
Katie Knight

Commercial Property And COVID-19

COVID-19 has had a real impact on the commercial property sector. We look at what’s happening in commercial real estate right now and what relief is available for both tenants...

March 10, 2020
Katie Knight

Toowoomba Called Upon To Power Economy

The Business Council of Australia (BCA) has called on the federal government to focus on strong regional hotspots to power the national economy. Under these plans, Toowoomba could potentially become..…

November 12, 2019
Trevor Manteufel

The Best Architecture In Toowoomba

Every local and visitor has witnessed the spectacular greenery dotted throughout our beautiful town. There’s a reason we’re called the Garden City, and not just because of the annual Carnival...

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