August 20, 2019

What Is The Future Of Toowoomba?

As real estate agents, we really like to keep on top of what is happening in the Toowoomba community.

We are on the front lines in a lot of ways when it comes to showing locals different lifestyle choices, advising newcomers moving to our city or helping investors who are looking for a great place to grow their wealth. So we think it’s important to keep up to date with what is happening.

After attending Bernard Salt’s fascinating “Future Toowoomba” talk recently, we wanted to share what we think are the main takeaways are for how we all can take control of and contribute to shaping the future of Toowoomba.

Here’s just some of what Bernard Salt had to say.

Invest in local education facilities and programs

With projections showing the potential for a decrease in population growth in the next 10 years, we need to focus on increasing the availability of comprehensive, enticing education facilities that will further entrench people in the community. In particular, we need to hone the growth of STEM skills and agility and resilience when it comes to career changes. If locals feel like they can grow within the area without needing to leave to expand their horizons, we’ll have better chances of securing a thriving population that is equipped with the diverse range of skill sets necessary to project the local economy into the future. The existing cultural diversity that has emerged in Toowoomba is a great foundation for us to build upon, and education enablement is also a kickstarter for increased international attention.

Inspire international interest

Putting Toowoomba on the map for international audiences needs to be a priority if we want to see a thriving Toowoomba in the future. The first step is through enabling visitors to fly directly to Toowoomba through the expansion of Wellcamp Airport. This would feed the opportunity to have a V8 Supercar track at Wellcamp as well, which many have been pushing for. Once we’re well-established as another aviation avenue to explore Australia, we can make serious bids for highly-visible international events such as the 2032 Olympics.

Build pride for larger, long-standing local populations

One of the less tangible metrics we have to observe is local loyalty, but we can see from the last election and trends in the census that people are less inclined to trust big institutions and would rather invest their energy into meaningful, local relationships. This mentality paves the way for local loyalty, but it also requires dedication to supporting local businesses, celebrating local wins and being active members of the local community.

This is something we celebrate through pairing people and investors with their perfect Toowoomba property, and we are actively committed to operating community-first into the future.

Encourage entrepreneurs to make Toowoomba their Silicon Valley

Through the celebration of local talent and people who invest their time into the Toowoomba community, we can encourage future generations of Toowoombians to make the most of their hometown. Toowoomba is only 2% lower than the Australian average when it comes to the proportion of entrepreneurs, coming in at 12%, meaning this isn’t an unreachable goal. At the moment we see a trend where locals leave to follow their pursuits at the age of 25 before returning to reside in the area permanently at 45. Imagine the benefits for the local community if that great personal and career growth was within the bounds of Toowoomba? If we can get people to see the value of making Toowoomba the birthplace for their big ideas, we’ll encourage a culture of innovation that will define an even brighter future.

Agriculture and infrastructure investment will feed our future growth

Considering Toowoomba currently ranks as Australia’s largest inland private sector city, it’s important now more than ever to ensure investment in local infrastructure and big business doesn’t fade. If we connect Toowoomba through efficient transport links to bigger cities like Brisbane, that opens up a whole new market for business and investment. There is also the potential to transform Toowoomba into the agriculture innovation capital of Australia, which is an opportunity too good to be neglected.

Contribute to a common vision

One of the most important points to project us into the future was to connect our community leaders and government to the people through a common, unified vision. Through solidarity and clarity of direction, we become more personally powerful and collectively influential when it comes to setting the course for the growth of our community. And that is a call for community engagement that we are excited to accept.

If you want to ensure you’re part of the future of Toowoomba, get in touch with our team of local experts today.

Article by James O'Donohue

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