July 27, 2021

Top Tips For Winter Gardening In Toowoomba

Winter in Toowoomba is the ideal time to tackle gardening jobs.

With Spring and Summer approaching, your garden will not only look better but feel healthier too. We take a look at what should be on your Winter gardening list.

Winter in ‘The Garden City’ of Toowoomba, can be cold and frosty. With a well-earned break from the hot summer days it is the perfect opportunity to get into the garden and add some real value to your home.

Winter is also the time for garden maintenance. It is in these colder months that planting of annuals, vegetables, shrubs and trees can take place in preparation for Spring and Summer.

So it’s time to tidy up the garden, deal with pests, clean your tools and create a vegetable garden. With the help of some wonderful local experts, we have pulled together a list of handy hints that will have your garden blossoming just in time for The Carnival of Flowers.


If you have roses in your patch, Winter is a great time to prune. Pruning roses is vital to ensure disease is reduced, air is circulating around the plant, and light is let in. Make sure all the dead wood is cleared to avoid disease. This will give your roses the best chance to bloom.

Rosemary Strahorn, from Garden Force, suggests it is best to avoid pruning Spring flowering shrubs and fruit trees, as all the goodness will be lost for the new season.


Now is a great time to tackle the pests and disease that attack the garden. Steve Kite, from The Green Gardener, believes that gardeners should focus on lawn weed. For example, with Bindii, prevention is better than cure. Bindii needs to be sprayed in Winter to avoid it growing into seed pods, spreading throughout the lawn and forming prickles. Speak with your local nursery about the best options to get rid of this prickly garden pest.


Mulching in Winter is extremely beneficial as it protects the soil and inhibits weeds. Adding an extra layer of lucerne hay, sugar cane and wood chips, helps regulate soil temperature and moisture and allows for a gentle transition through the cold snap. Mulching around vegetable gardens will also help protect the crop.


Plant-to-plate is the way forward, so why not create your own edible garden now? By the time Spring and Summer arrive, crops will have had plenty of time to get their roots well established in the soil. Just make sure that when you are scouting for a location, you select a spot that receives between 5-6 hours of sun a day.

According to Micro Gardener, Anne Gibson “edibles that enjoy cool weather include peas, lettuce, spring onion, kale, Asian greens and cabbage”. Jillian Coombs, Garden Support Officer at Searles, also suggests planting edible flowers such as Marigold and Pansy, which make dishes taste as good as they look.


When gardening is in full swing it is hard to keep on top of tool maintenance. Now is the time to unearth your collection and give them the sparkle they need for the upcoming season. When rejuvenating the gardening artillery ensure that you:

  • Remove dirt, rust and sap
  • Soak the tools thoroughly
  • Disinfect


Winter is a good time for planting certain species. Enjoy our guide on the best vegetables and flowers to plant in your garden today. Local nurseries are stocked up with seedlings so, get your green thumb out and away you go!

Vegetables Flowers
Carrot Alyssum
Cauliflower Petunia
Lettuce Marigold
Radish Candytuft
Kohl Rabi Delphinium
Spring Onion Poppy
Parsnip Sweet Pea
Peas Snapdragon
Cauliflower Pansy
Garlic Verbena
Broccoli/Broccolini Viola
Celery Lobelia
Silverbeet Strawflower
Turnip Statice


With thanks to all our local experts for their gardening tips this winter. Remember to support Queensland landscapers and nurseries like:

Article by Gary Klein

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