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Information about repairs and maintenance

When you move into a property, the landlord is required to provide it in good clean condition so that you can start living in the property. The condition of the property is relative to the age and style of the property and how much you are paying in rent. It is unreasonable to expect that the landlord will attend to every minor problem or imperfection in the property, but the landlord is obliged to provide and arrange for any necessary or urgent repairs required.

These include repairs for:

  • Blocked or broken plumbing eg. burst water pipes, blocked toilet
  • Physical damage to the property causing compromised living conditions eg. roof leaks, broken windows, flooding
  • Failure of services for water, gas, electricity
  • Faults or damage to the property rendering it unsafe or not secure eg. gas leaks, fire damage, broken locks

All requested repairs are to be put in writing, using the Repair Request forms provided in your Tenant Folder. You may also request repairs ‘online’. Only emergency repairs will be accepted verbally. All repairs are attended to as promptly as possible, however, it is often necessary to obtain the approval and/or quotes before any work can commence, so unfortunately a time lag is sometimes unavoidable.

Please check your lease or renting guide as to what constitutes an emergency repair. Should you organise a repair that is not an emergency, you may be liable for its cost or any associated service call. If firm arrangements regarding access for any tradespeople are not kept by you, the service charge for calling the tradesperson will be automatically passed on to you for payment.

Where applicable, the upkeep of the gardens and grounds are your responsibility. Please do not store unnecessary paper, rubbish, bottles, flammables and cans, etc. on or around the premises. Keep a written record of all discussions, costs and actions for possible future reference, and follow these general guidelines:

  • Speak to your Property Manager about the repair needed and its urgency.
  • We will arrange for the problem to be fixed. You must first speak to the Property Manager before spending money on repairs, and note that repairs must be deemed urgent or necessary for safe and secure living in the property.

In the event of extensive damage, such as storm damage, whereby the premises become uninhabitable, either party can give notice to cancel the lease or you can move out whilst repairs are undertaken. If you move out for good, the rent payments normally stop on the day you have moved out or can’t inhabit the premises and any advance payments are generally refunded to you. If you move out temporarily, the rent may be waived or reduced for the period you have not been in the premises or for the degree of inconvenience, subject to the terms of the lease or as agreed by both parties.

In the event of serious damage and you have moved out temporarily, a lot of communication is recommended between you and the Property Manager as there will be need for documentation of damage, repairs, delays and trades people accessing the property for longer periods.

It is our responsibility to have serviced and maintain fixed appliances such as gas and water heaters in good condition. Do not attempt your own or unauthorised repairs to fixed appliances, water heaters, gas appliances or electrical faults. Discuss these issues with us to obtain professional service.

During times of repair or dispute, do not stop paying rent unless agreed in writing or if it is a term of the lease. The act of not paying rent will breach the terms of your lease agreement, resulting in possible termination.