September 9, 2015

Floorplans Essential to Selling

The selling principles of real estate have always been competitive pricing, aggressive marketing and quality photos however in the opinion of RE/MAX Sales Consultant, Miss Tiffany Krause, buyers now expect an interactive floorplan to support the internet listing.

“This marketing tool didn’t exist in the world of real estate in any real volume until recently. Builders have always used floorplans as they’re selling a dream so it is vital,” Miss Krause highlighted.

“Prestige properties were the first to adopt the concept of displaying listings with a floorplan. This has had a positive effect with an increasing number of listings supported by a floorplan as an integral part of the marketing. We are now finding more sellers adopting the opportunity of a floorplan as they seek this when searching the market as a buyer. It makes good sense to incorporate a floorplan,” Miss Krause emphasised.

A floorplan brings your home to life. By utilising an interactive floorplan you can observe the position of the various rooms, their orientation, space and storage. This is an invaluable tool. Interstate buyers especially are seeking interactive floorplans in addition to quality photos as they search on line. It certainly offers them greater confidence. This service can be provided for a small additional investment of around $99.

“Floorplans are no longer just an option with marketing. They are essential in targeting more buyers and enhancing saleability. Market research also confirms buyers are wanting floorplans. If you give customers what they want then you’re on the road to success!” Miss Krause concluded.

Article by RE/MAX Success

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