April 3, 2019

Real Estate Business Recognises Our Award Winning Property Management Team

Real Estate Business has recognised Katie Knight’s win as the 2019 REIQ Property Manager of the Year on their website recently, after the Awards For Excellence held in March.


As printed on www.realestatebusiness.com.au by Tim Neary on 25 March 2019.


Katie Knight is Queensland’s top property manager, winning the annual REIQ award for 2019 this month — and a remarkable five times before this.

Ms Knight, who leads RE/MAX Success in Toowoomba, won the same award in 2008, 2010, 2012, 2014 and 2016, and has been named a finalist for 11 consecutive years.

She said that winning it represents the quality of the team, rather than just an individual.

“We view that what we do is to be of service, and a service mindset changes the environment you work in and the way it occurs to you,” Ms Knight said.

“Property management is a really interesting space where we are often dealing with complex, sensitive and significant matters affecting both our landlords and tenants.

“It is a critical service and we have the privileged opportunity to play a key role in something as fundamental as housing, and making a difference in the lives of families in our communities.”

Ms Knight said that there is a difference between service and process orientation.

“If you are strictly process-orientated, the day-to-day challenges of our industry can be all that you see. A service-orientated view means you look at the people connected to those challenges and you’re driven to look for solutions and ways to sustain successful tenancies, always seeing the opportunity to help someone. It makes overcoming those challenges a joy, rather than being viewed as a burden.”

Ms Knight said that she is available 24/7, taking the after-hours calls herself.

“If someone calls after-hours, it is because they have a need to call me, they certainly don’t do it for fun. Every phone call comes from a point of trust — and that’s a privilege. So, no, I don’t mind taking the calls at all.”

Ms Knight has been in property management for two decades.

“There is much more automation now,” she added.

“And that must be seen as a positive because it has allowed more time for relationship building, and especially more face-to-face time with landlords and tenants.

“The better our relationship, and the more experience and knowledge we impart, the more value we are to our landlords, giving them sustained tenancies in properties that are working as an asset.”

Ms Knight is heavily involved in furthering professionalism in property management and is a key mentor on RE/MAX Australia’s Property Asset Management (PAM) Chapter, which supports growth in property management business.

Article by RE/MAX Success

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