February 2, 2021

Suburb Profile: Toowoomba City

When you think about living in Toowoomba, you probably imagine some of the most popular suburbs like Middle Ridge and Centenary Heights.

But you don’t have to live outside the centre of town to find your dream home. In fact, Toowoomba City is fast becoming one of the hottest places to live in the Garden City. Here’s why.

A little history

Naturally, Toowoomba City is about as old as the town itself, with schools in the area popping up just two years after the local railway station was built in 1867. Over the years, plenty of buildings with grand historical significance have been established in Toowoomba City, from St Patrick’s Cathedral to more modern complexes like the large Grand Central Shopping Centre and Garden Town.

Where does the name come from?

There’s nothing overly special about the name here. It’s a suburb in Toowoomba and it’s right in the city – so it just makes sense that it was called Toowoomba City!

What are the most popular landmarks?

Toowoomba City is a suburb that contains the CBD. It may be dotted with corporate buildings, shopping centres, cafes and fast-food restaurants, but it’s also home to some of the most important buildings in the Garden City. More than 30 heritage-listed buildings reside here, including the old Toowoomba Post Office, Strand Theatre, Toowoomba Trades Hall and the Toowoomba Court House, to name but a few.

As you’d expect, the biggest attractions in Toowoomba City are the restaurants, shops and entertainment options. The Empire Theatre, in particular, is the Darling Downs’ awe-inspiring home of international musicals, famous plays, live music and much more.

You won’t find much in the way of green spaces here, although Laurel Bank Park is a popular place for a weekend stroll to take in the colourful gardens. However, just hop over to East Toowoomba and you’ll enjoy all the parkland you need at Queens Park.

Does Toowoomba City have a good lifestyle?

As Toowoomba City is the beating heart of downtown, don’t expect the same peace and quiet you’ll find in the outer suburbs. But what it lacks in tranquillity it more than makes up for in exceptional nightlife, entertainment, shopping and essential amenities. Families will appreciate the choice of schools, professionals will love the food and drink options, while retirees will have everything they need close by.

Many residents are attracted to the vibrant feel and artsy laneway culture offered by Toowoomba City. And, in recent years, more apartments have been built.

According to data from the 2016 Census, just over 2,000 people live in Toowoomba City, in 1,109 dwellings. Despite being the most urban area of Toowoomba, just over half of the properties, or 51.5% are houses, with 23% terraces or townhouses and 21% apartments. The average household has 1.9 people in it, with a median age of 40 years old.

What schools are nearby?

Toowoomba North State School has been servicing the area since 1869 – when there were just 3,000 people living in the Garden City! Residents will also find the Holy Name Primary School on Bridge Street. Both schools only run from P–6.

If those two schools don’t meet your needs, in the next suburb over you’ll find the popular Newtown State School, St Mary’s College, St Ursula’s College and the Glennie School.

Also, on the opposite side of James Street, you’ll find the University of Queensland’s Rural Clinical School, which operates right next door to Toowoomba Hospital. And, of course, Toowoomba City Library.

What’s the Toowoomba City property market like?

According to the latest data, the median house price in Toowoomba City is just $350,000 to buy a house and $325,000 to buy a unit, with average rent sitting at a mere $320 and $255 per week, respectively.

Because it’s seen more as an area for business and nightlife, demand for property in Toowoomba City is fairly low compared to other suburbs, with an average of only 250 visits per property. But there’s so much on your doorstep, and there’s every chance you may find the home of your dreams here!

Find your dream home in Toowoomba City

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